Our quick shift to foregin coal to keep up with increasing demands nationwide.

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    The Company runs a Two coal processing plant, One in Textile/Diamond City, Hojiwala G.I.D.C Surat and Another in Ceramic City, Morbi which shatters coal into various useful sizes as per the requirement. This plant functions as a coal smasher to shatter coal into pieces and sort these pieces into categories of nearly uniform size, a process known as breaking. There are four commercial sizes of coal mentioned below.

    • 00 – 08 MM
    • 00 – 20 MM
    • 08 – 20 MM
    • 20 – 50 MM

Perfect Solution International

Company is emerging into one of the leading Imported Coal supplier in India.

Majorly imports coal from Indonesia and South Africa to serve the growing demands of Indian consumers. We have customers across all sectors of economy.

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